All New Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Convertible
1969 Pontiac Firebird Transam

The 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am convertible is a classic example of the muscle car. 1 of 697 1969 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am convertible Produced 689 Coupes - 8 Convertibles 1 of only 114 Ram Air III Automatic Coupes Produced A muscle car is a high-performance automobile. The term principally refers to American.

 In 1982 the Firebird was completely and dramatically restyled, once again as an up market version of the sensational new Chevrolet Camaro. In fact it scored over the Camaro by having more streamlined nose , with concealed headlights, and this time gain immortality in many countries as a star of the TV series “Knight Rider” in 1985 the Trans Am gained that eight port fuel injection system of the Corvette for its Chevrolet built V8 engine, which boosted the out port of the 5 L unit two 210 hp nevertheless, the base engine of the Firebird was still the humble 2.5 L was called the
iron Duke four-cylinder unit.