List of Paint Colors for the 1977 Trans-Am

The Trans-Am was a trim level available for 1977 Pontiac Firebird models. This car became famous after it was featured in the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit." The 1977 Trans-Am was a two-door coupe that featured a powerful V8 engine. Pontiac Firebirds, including the Trans-Am, came in many different colors.

Light Exterior Colors

  • The lighter colors available for 1977 Trans-Ams included an off-white called "Cameo White" and a silver called "Sterling Silver." A "Goldenrod Yellow," which looked like a canary yellow, and a "Royal Lime" green were also available. Other light colors included "Lombard Blue" (which resembled a baby blue) and the bright "Buccaneer Red."

Dark Exterior Colors

  • Darker colors for the 1977 Trans-Am included "Starlight Black," the navy-blue "Nautilus Blue," a grayish-toned "Glacier Blue" and the maroon-like "Firethorn Red." "Aquamarine," "Gold Metallic," "Bright Blue," "Mojave Tan" and a super-dark shade of brown called "Brentwood Brown" were also available. There were also dark teal "Bahia Green" and dark beige "Buckskin Metallic" 1977 Trans-Ams. The last of the dark colors, "Mandarin Orange," was a burnt orange color.

Striping Colors

  • Striping accents that ran down the length of the car and hood were also available. These colors contrasted with all of the exterior colors. Black, white, silver, gold and red striping were all available in 1977.