Trans Am Exhaust Tips
A Trans Am's exhaust system is specifically designed to allow the vehicle's engine to output the combustion exhaust through the rear of the vehicle. Trans Am vehicle exhaust pipe sizes vary depending on year and engine options. Exhaust tips are added to a Trans Am's tail pipes with the intent of adding additional visual appeal, modifying the sound output, or changing the style of the current exhaust tips.

Metal Types

  • Exhaust tips are typically found as a silver color (though some may use the exhaust pipe as a portion of the visual presence). The silver seen at the exhaust tip is usually composed of stainless steel or chrome. Both are polished to a high shine. Stainless steel chrome tips are usually more expensive. Stainless steel corrodes less and requires less maintenance. Road debris, oils or tars exposed to the heat of the exhaust and baked on are more easily removed from the stainless steel.

Sound Quality

  • Exhaust tips generally only add a small portion of the total sound output of the exhaust system, though may be used to alter the audible output of the exhaust. Two primary types of exhaust are available for the Trans Am. Resonated tips lined with fiberglass or other sound absorbing material are used to dampen the sound. Non-resonated tips allow the sound of the exhaust to pass through without dampening 


  • As an aftermarket product, exhaust tips are available in many shapes. Square, round, beveled, rolled, or flared shapes are available to change both the look and sound of the exhaust. A tip shape that increases the size of the exhaust pipe will amplify the exhaust sound. Tip shapes specifically designed to amplify sound are available as flares, cones or with amplifying chambers.

Custom Shapes

  • Custom shaped exhaust tips can be used to enhance the appearance of the Trans Am. Exhaust tips are available to split the pipe into two outputs (dual tips), flatten or extend the pipes and redirect the pipes. When selecting a custom shape, determine if the shape of the pipe is accommodated by the rear bumper.