All New Trans Am Cars

The 1982 Firebirds were released with 3 models Firebird, Firebird S/E, & Firebird Trans Am Cars and the Firebird Formula was retired. In an effort to trim production costs, the new Firebird had more in common with the Camaro than ever before. The cars now shared over 60% of their parts with each other. The "Firebird" was still the base model and equivalent to its sibling, the Chevy "Camaro Sport Coupe". Newly introduced for 1982 was the "Firebird S/E", a mid-level luxury version, which could be loaded with almost as many options as the Trans Am, including "RPO WS6", Pontiac's performance suspension. Last but not least was the "Trans Am", Pontiac's performance-level Firebird. Pontiac had hoped to drop all the "Trans Am" badges from the new cars and save the $5 per Trans Am royalty paid to the SCCA for use of the name. Early promotional cars were even marked "T/A" as an alternative, however it was decided that it would be more trouble than it was worth and the "Trans Am" moniker remained. The Trans Am Cars also received an optional "Turbo Bulge" hood, styled loosely after the earlier 1980/'81 Turbo Trans Am. In fact, plans had originally been made to use a further refined version of Pontiac's Turbo 4.9L engine, but it was scrapped at the last minute.